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Private Residence Tower
Mumbai, India (2004)

This residential tower is designed for one of India's most important industrial families. The building is located on a hilltop site, overlooking the city of Mumbai. It responds to the client's desire to have a multi-tiered, heavily landscaped structure - similar to the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon. For this reason, the entire tower is conceived as a garden in the sky and responds to Vastu principles in historic Hindu architecture. Within this tradition, the spine is regarded as the main source of support, leading upward toward enlightenment. The seven levels of the residence are supported by a stratified structural spine, reinforced with a series of steel cables that include five "floating" floor planes and a variety of interim garden tiers, terraces, water features, recreational facilities, and enclosed, living areas that takes advantage of the most spectacular views of Mumbai and its waterfront. In keeping with Vastu principles, the central atrium of the top level residence is oriented on a precise north/south/east/west axis, which also allows light to penetrate all floors from a sky lit atrium.

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