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Highway '86 Processional
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (1985)

Highway 86 is the product of a winning competition entry for a centerpiece public space at the 1986 Canadian World Exposition. The purpose is to celebrate the history of Twentieth Century air, land, and sea transportation technology. It is conceived as a seven hundred-foot long undulating ribbon of concrete and steel, covered with vehicles that form a participatory sculptural event. The processional rises out of the sea, crosses an expanse of land surface and, as it passes under an elevated highway, soars upward between the two viaducts. The surface is encrusted with several hundred monochrome objects - including cars, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, wheelchairs, tractors, jogging shoes, surf boards, airplanes, helicopters, space capsules, and lunar rovers. Highway 86 is an exterior exhibition, as opposed to the traditional enclosed pavilion. As a result, the structure can readily accommodate over two hundred thousand visitors.

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